5 Best Big Commerce Apps to Boost Your Sales


An app is an excellent tool that can make things easier for you.  It may be overwhelming and tie consuming for a business owner to get the best app to boost his/her sales as there are hundreds of apps to choose from. I have made it easy for you by listing a number of apps that you can select from, and it will help you optimize your business:

  1. Referral Candy

One of the greatest ways to build trust in business is by using a reference from one to customer to another. Referral candy is a strong way to bring peer influence right into your doorstep. This app works when the business owner uses it to follow up with his customers. Once a customer has made a purchase at his stores, he sends an email to his customers with a discount code. The code is used when this client refers another client to visit your store. If this customer visits your stores, they automatically get a discount, and the referral customer wins as well by getting a referral bonus. Referral is a win-win situation, and through this method, you build trust with your clients. Referral Candy is the best ecommerce solution where everyone in that business circle becomes a winner.

  1. JustUno

JustUno is not just an app, but it is a favourite app to many. It is a good way of building your email and social following. Once you install it, it shows a pop up on the side of your website. JustUno takes advantage of converting traffic on peoples’ website to a sale. JustUno suite includes:

  • Exit offers
  • Cart recovery
  • Email pop ups
  • Efficient on-site navigation.
  • On-site messaging.

JustUno is an excellent way to earn discount as all you need to do is to click on it. The customer is further taken care of by being given a freebie once they share their email address with you or when they share your business site on any of their social channels. Maximize returns from traffic sources by clicking on JustUno and watch as you grow the e-commerce business.

  1. Olark

Olark makes things easier for you by the power to live chat. A sale increase is no easy job, but Olark makes it possible by engaging with its visitors. If you remember that one time when you went to a shopping mall or store and did not get what you needed, you turned into the next salesperson for help. Online shopping is no different. Olark is an e-commerce system that allows you to live chat with stores owners and ask any question that you so wish. The business owner is as well able to view your shopping content and offer special offers and upsell depending on what the client is buying. Olark is a real-time site monitoring of your visitors through Jabber and Google Talk. Some of its features include:

  • It is beautiful and customizable.
  • Prepare Reports and Statistics.
  • CRM Integration and Transcript.
  • Live chat with clients.
  1. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is one of the best ecommerce software that you will come across. It synchronizes your products in different sale channels such as eBay, Amazon and not forgetting your store. Below are the things that you can do with Sellbrite to help you in ecommerce platform:

  • Uploading of inventory.
  • Manage your inventory – inventory management will aid you in having accurate statistics of your stock, and thus you can make accurate reports.
  • Control and Sync inventory – all you have to do is to add your products and sellbrite will do the rest for you.
  • Fulfilling orders.
  • Multichannel reporting intelligence.
  • Updating all your sales channels whenever you make a sale.

Sellbrite is different from other Apps because of the following reasons:

  • It has a beautiful, simple interface.
  • It has powerful and intelligent features.
  • It is incredibly friendly.
  • It offers helpful support.
  1. ShipStation

When you use ShipStation in your business, you do yourself a great favour by saving your money and precious time.With ShipStation, shipping processes quickly and easily. The app has an automated order service. ShipStation will be of help to you in the following ways:

  • Printing of packing lists and shipping labels in batch. With ShipStation you can print thousands of labels and slips in a single batch. Batch printing will save you lots of energy and time as there is no manual data entry required.
  • Unlimited selling channels. Add as many selling channels as you wish to ShipStation and let ShipStation sync your orders and shipping data for you at no extra cost.
  • It needs no software to install it. Just log into your account and manage your orders as well as view reports.
  • Shipping carriers- ShipStation supports many carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and Canada Post. This app allows you to know all their current rates and this will aid in choosing the carrier with the best rates.



You will never go wrong with the business once you use an ecommerce platform to make sales. If you would like to expand your business with ease and quickly, the apps above are just fantastic e-commerce solutions to your problems. Be on top of the game and outperform mediocre business by the use of e-commerce systems.

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