Best Shopify Apps That Can Help You Sell More


Searching for apps to improve the efficiency of your online store implies that either you run one or just opened a brand. Winning the ecommerce systems game is not about identifying the gap in the business sector but also determined by how you optimize your website. With hundreds of great free Shopify apps available, merchants can streamline their site day-to-day tasks increasing their functionality and performance. This makes it easy to manage the online e-commerce system.

Therefore, ss an online entrepreneur, conduct thorough research to find the best in the market. Below are some of the excellent and efficient apps that can help you sell more.

E-commerce software

  1. Receiptful

Installing this extension in your Shopify ecommerce platform makes it possible to customize the outlook of your receipts. Personalized branding and better appearance of the receipt increases the worth, trust and general ratings of your online store. This eventually attracts and retains clients.

  1. Email automation

Email marketing and social media branding are the major evolution in the online businesses. The majority of the stores using Shopify platform use email services such as Mailchimp, constant contract, and Aweber. It is prudent however integrating email marketing to your admin dashboard by using email automation. Its’ hype comes from the ability to track clients shopping behavior and the interest in purchasing from your store, automatic personalized email creation and sending ability and hundreds of email templates that are easy to customize.

  1. Shoppad

Online buyers are shifting their attention towards the use of mobile devices for shopping. As an ecommerce inventor, therefore, it is of essence improving your services too. Integrating this app enables higher-level optimization of your site on phones and tablets. This increases your customer base and allows automatic mobile adjustments.

  1. Coupon box

This free marketing app is rated among the best Shopify apps in the market and used by a large percentage of online storeowners. Its strategy is to attract customers by providing coupons. The app creates discount coupons to customers who follow your social accounts or subscribe to emails for the newsletters.

  1. Infinite options

Shopify allows for only three customization options on each product. This is however, frustrating, as you cannot provide more choices for your customers to choose from. You can, therefore, integrate this app on Shopify to increase your options. With this, you can have unlimited product personalization on each page. This provides a wide array of options for your clients to choose from.

  1. Aftership

This app enables easy monitoring of goods dispatched to customers as per the orders made. Ensuring that goods reach the customer safely is important. You can therefore, track the shipping activities by using this free app that can be integrated to Shopify.

  1. Quick Facebook live chat

Social networks especially Facebook are increasingly becoming the epitome of online stores. Being online to respond to clients queries can be time-consuming. With the increasing customer base, dealing with offline messages can be frustrating. Install, therefore, this app to ease your work. With this app integrated to Shopify, you can respond to Facebook messages directly from your store. The app also saves the conversation for future reference.

  1. Persistent cart

With nearly more than 1,000 positive ecommerce reviews, this is an app to go for. Having this app enables customers to maintain their abandoned carts and make more orders altogether. It saves and retains all the items picked by customers during the shopping period.

  1. Bulk discounts

Discounts are among the best means of attracting traffic to your site. Customers can make impulse shopping when discounts are available. With this app, you can generate unlimited discount codes, track the number of discounts used, and delete discount sets thus increasing your sales.

  1. SEO Meta Manager

SEO optimization is the basic trick to ensuring success in your online business. It is the best way to drive and increase traffic to your online website. Using this app enables your store to show up on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This increases views and ultimately the purchases.

  1. Exit offers

A tremendous amount of sales can be generated from this app. It presents a final offer when a customer is on the verge of exiting the site. It works in a way such that when the customer clicks the exit button, it generates a popup notification with an enticing discount code that can be earned by entering the email address. This is, therefore, an easy way of collecting email addresses.

  1. McAfee Secure

Customers are often worried by the security of providing credit details in online stores. This ecommerce solution app provides protection to your online store. It adds widgets to your account that verifies your store as safe and trustworthy. Therefore, customers can make purchases without safety queries.


Having spent a fortune investing in your store, incurring more charges on customization options could be frustrating. Try these free apps therefore as you develop your store. It increases the efficiency, accessibility and improves customer relations brought in by Shopify, one of the best ecommerce platform. Read about ecommerce

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