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The Best Apps and Tools to Use for Selling Through Social Media


The social media is currently a jackpot of online clients. With the development of modern apps and tools, you can use your social media accounts to promote your e-commerce businesses. Among the favorite sites, include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With an increasing internet usage, social media is truly here to stay. The marketing world has also evolved significantly. Bearing this in mind, you should strategize effectively to tap fully into this market. Among your game plan should include finding the best tools and apps to use for selling your products through social media. Below are some of the apps and tools that can be of essence.

  1. Canva

Social media users prefer visual content on their timelines. Canva is, therefore, the best app to provide an avenue for uploading high-quality images as part of various social media posts.  The app has quite a number of templates that provides for top-notch customization of the application.

  1. Buffer

As indicated before, there are three common social media sites. These sites, which command quite a large number of crowd are the best marketing avenues. Synchronizing the different social media sites is important. This will reduce the agony of posting on each account the same details. Installing a buffer enables your contents to cross the multiple social media accounts. A posting on one account is reflected on other accounts. This saves you a considerable amount of time and effort.

  1. Brand24

Customer reviews are the most important component of any business growth and development. It is, therefore, important to look into what people think of your brand. To avail this, install a brand24 application. With this app, real-time information about your brand is delivered almost immediately. This aids in cutting on the time that would otherwise be spent on searching around for what customers think of your product. With this app, you can stay engaged with your clients, review certain products for better marketing and even gauge potential customers.

  1. Edgar

New ideas and content are generated almost every hour on various social media sites. Potential clients who were not online when you posted a certain product detail may end up missing the product. Retracing it again could be a headache. Edgar can locate old content that is relevant. It helps you find incredible content that may have been missed by followers. With the help of this app, you can categorize your posts for easy track down and repost when necessary.

  1. Nuzzel

It is a web, iOS, and social media tool that organizes stories shared on your social media sites. This app aggregates information to links thus increasing traffic to your site. Links are the best form of getting individuals to flock your site. This app also creates a link to friends who have shared the product thus enables you to trace and have a better understanding of your clients.

  1. Cyfe

This is an analytic tool that enables you monitor and provides best ecommerce platform solutions. With this, you can oversee what is working and what is not working. From the social media toolbox, cyfe delivers reports in detail concerning SEO, Google analytics, and brand mentions. This provides e-commerce solutions for small businesses and large business owners. Additionally, it provides a customizable dashboard on the online ecommerce systems that enable easy storing and review of the data. Beyond marketing, cyfe also conducts industry and competitor research.

  1. Social Clout

This is also an analytic tool. Social Clout tracks down where possible improvements can be made and deliver report on social media results and demographics of your product. This eventually aids in tracking how your platforms progress.

  1. SecureMySocial

To get what is the happening in social media, you cannot solely rely on your audience. Employees of your firm can also make ecommerce systems reviews and in this case, negative ones about your product. Negative comments from employees of your firm about your product violate the employment terms and policies. This tool therefore, requires detailed data to capture persons violating the company policies and laws. You will get an alert when such an instance occurs. Additionally, the person doing the review will be notified of their actions. This tool, therefore, aims at maintaining the reputation of the firm.

  1. Inkybee

Certain clients may have liked your product. They therefore continuously refer other potential customers to your site. Inkybee enables you track or locates these people, as they are a potential for elevating your brand. This simplifies your search for social media bloggers who might be interested in your industry.


Hundreds of other apps and tools are available and can enable you to increase your social media selling rates. These tools deserve your consideration as you search for the various tools to customize your social media account to increase sales. Social selling is based on building better relationships with clients. Ensure that you choose the best apps and tools to optimize your social media and more important, e-commerce system website traffic.


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