The Best Magento Connect Extensions for Your Store



Ecommerce systems web hosting platforms are essential for setting up and managing your online store. Among the various available platforms is Magento. By using it, you will find out that it does not serve all your needs. To have it 100 percent suitable for your needs it requires some basic customization involving installation of tools and extensions. These extensions can be downloaded from the web or Magento store. Below are some of the common Magento connect extensions for your store.

Best Magento connect extensions for your store


Being an online business, you receive orders that require shipping and delivery to various parts of the globe. Note however that shipping to different states or regions differ in cost. It is usually a burden calculating the amount to be quoted for the customer to pay respective of the region. Matrixrate extension, however, makes it easier for you. This extension helps calculate cost with respect to customers’ location.  You can, therefore, apply the shipping cost to the customer’s order and the amount instantly.


Olark deals with customer support. Communication with clients and potential customers is key to ensuring the success of the venture. It provides an avenue for providing information, clarifying issues and convincing different people to shop from your e-commerce system. This extension organizes for a live conversation via a live chat box.  You can, therefore, converse directly with your clients from your store dashboard.


From substantial data gathered from ecommerce reviews and research, getting a new client is 60 percent difficult than retaining a previous customer. Turning your ordinary clients to regular ones should, therefore, be among the principles of your online store. With Triggmine, this is much easier. From welcome emails, cross-selling and up-selling services and other essential tools provided by this extension, you would find it easy retaining customer. That aside, installing it requires few steps and easy to use. Though not free, it provides a 14-day trial period for starters.

XML map creator

Getting your site crawled by Bing or Google is not easy. Achieving this is however quite easy with this free extension. With XML sitemap and XML map creator, you can create multiple XML sitemaps swiftly. Any new page submitted to your site will, therefore, be submitted to sitemap making it among the top searches popups. This eventually increases the traffic to your site.


Most clients are convinced to make purchases from the reviews they see on the store. Positive reviews increases purchase confidence of the customers and trust. Having an efficient review system in place should not be an option, therefore. With Yotpo, reviews including email-based review requests are easily done. Additionally, you can filter out unpleasing and pointless reviews from your page. This therefore directly attracts customers to shop from your online store.

Layered navigation

Making your site easy to navigate should be a top priority. This is simply making the site user-friendly. Customers should find it easy to search for and find any product they are looking for. You should, therefore, customize your site by adding filters, dropdowns, and breadcrumb that guides customers find what they are looking for with ease. This option is provided for by a layered navigation extension.

One page checkout

Websites usually integrate a 4 to 6 checkout process for customers. This is tedious and discourages most clients from shopping. One page extension comes in handy therefore in this situation. It turns the rather lengthy checkout procedure to one simple step. This increases directly the completed carts thus lowering instances of cart abandonment. To add on this, it can be operated in many languages and compatible with PayPal.


Slow site loading is a turn off to many people. Speed is an essential aspect of any online business store. Improve your sites speed therefore by integrating nitrogento. This extension boosts the loading speed by ensuring a proper caching of the various sites added to the store. It is however quite expensive to purchase.


 Social media marketing is slowly infiltrating into the online business. With the high number of social network users, this is the perfect area to get a jackpot of customers. This is simplified by linking your website to your social media accounts. Addshoppers installs social media sharing buttons to your page. This enables easy sharing of content and links to your site thus increasing traffic and online customers.


Making your online venture a success is quite a daunting task. It involves a combination of both hard work, patience, social tricks and extensive customization from the start. Getting to choose a suitable ecommerce platform is tricky. Conduct extensive ecommerce platform comparison before making a choice. This is due to the many effective available web hosting platforms. After careful evaluation based on your needs and what the platform provides, Magento could be your best ecommerce platform. It is however not 100 percent effective. Customize it to your level best to get better results. This involves adding the extensions and apps mentioned above and other top rated tools.  Click here ecommerce storefront

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