The Top 20 Most Popular Free Apps with Shopify


Having created an online store, ensure that you expand its abilities by making use of all the available resources. To begin, choosing Shopify as your best ecommerce platform is undisputedly a prudent idea. This is due to its potential features and abilities. You only need to customize the cart to suit your needs. With power and the internet, you can find all the apps essential that can integrate with Shopify. Installing these apps increases the functionality of the ecommerce platform to set up and run your online store. Here are the top 20 Shopify apps:

  1. Shippo

With an online store, shipping products is an essential activity. Clients all over the globe may make their orders. Having submitted their payments, shipping the product is your task. You, therefore, need to integrate a shipping app in your ecommerce systems platform. Shippo is perfect for shipping. With this app, you can create your shipping labels and monitor the packages remotely. This saves your time and money as you can track the shipments from one place.

  1. Aftership

Aftership knows how to manage your courier service easily. Integrating this app into Shopify platform provides timely updates to clients at every stage of delivery. This, therefore, relieve the customers’ anxiety about the safety of their products.

  1. SimplyTick

Managing your online store is truly a challenging task. Checking on security issues, sales volume, sessions, orders placed, orders delivered and other business activities are time-consuming. However, with SimplyTick, all these can be done in a single click. At a glance, all the relevant information concerning your store is displayed on the dashboard.

  1. Personal Bar

Webhosting platforms enable an easy setup of your online store. Customizing the platform makes this even easier. This app helps you personalize your e-commerce system page in a bid to attract more clients. By creating personalized offers, you can convince many potential customers to purchasing your products. Other added features include a live chat that provides a one on one session with clients, discounts and coupons creation that makes customers build trust in your store.

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  1. Variant images

This Shopify add-on serves stores with a different range of products regarding color, size and shapes perfectly. This app aids in creating a convincing figure that the client has made the right decision of a product.

  1. Order Printer

Transactions involving invoices and labels need to be printed from the online setup. Typically, third party software is required to serve this purpose. However, with an order printer, your invoices and labels will be printed automatically. It is fitted with endless templates and customization options for an easier operation. This eases the customer service.

  1. ShopPad

Integrating your store into mobile devices is a big step. Shoppad makes this process possible. It enables your e-commerce systems store to run on both android and apple iOS. This increases the accessibility of your site through mobile phones thus increasing the customer base.

  1. Chipmpfied

News and subscriptions are key elements in retaining clients. Adding chipmpfied to shopify platform makes it easy to add your clients automatically. If the customers are interested in getting regular news and updates from your store, chipmpfied will handle that task. This item comes in handy when you need to reward discounts and coupons to your clients.

  1. Facebook store

As the name suggests, this add-on enables selling of goods and products through the social media, especially Facebook. Your shop, therefore, increase its boundaries from a single website to social networks.

  1. Plugin SEO

This app optimizes your online store. The main task of this Shopify extension is to detect and solve problems easily.

  1. Metafields Editor

Though not connected to SEO, metafield lets you keep track of the various accessories including Namespace, Key Value and Key Type in aggregation.

  1. Yotpo

The refined power of social media cannot be underestimated. Gaining trust from social media customers is therefore very important. Yotpo enables you to generate traffic to your site through filtering customers’ ecommerce reviews that can be shared through Facebook and Twitter.

  1. SumAll

From the name, this app analyzes the sales and marketing properties of an online firm. It creates reports of sales, payments, paid ads, email, and social marketing automatically. Additionally, it generates mails pertaining the same thus enables quick access to these data.

  1. AddShoppers Social Analytics

It is a fact that social marketing is the way to go. You should, therefore, add social media tabs on your site. This is made possible with AddShoppers Social Analytics app. From your site, customers can like, tweet, pin and favorite your products.

  1. ShopMail

This app provides an alternative to Mailchimp. The apps work by making it easy for you to compile a subscribers list and send them what you want. This promotes email marketing to various clients from your store.

  1. Vantage

You could be running more than one online store. Managing them separately could be challenging. However, with vantage, you can manage them concurrently from one dashboard. Marketing, sales, and shipping involved in both stores can be run from one place.

  1. Want Button

As simply as it means, this is a custom extension folder that allows clients to choose what they want. Shopify allows for the installation of this button to ease the clients’ search options. This ultimately increases traffic and makes it easy for customers to trail their favorite products.

  1. Abandon aid

This Shopify app allows clients to pick up their abandoned carts during the shopping process. With the app, all the selected items of the customer are kept intact until shopping is complete.

  1. Out of stock

It is an inventory app that allows customers to preorder items or products that are out of stock. As soon as the stock is replenished, the app creates a notification enabling you to supply the preordered product.

  1. LeadDyno

LeadDyno is an affiliate-marketing app that enables other individuals who market your products to gain a certain percentage of the resultant sales as a reward.


Installing a Shopify web-hosting platform for various e-commerce solutions is the first step towards the right direction in online marketing. Therefore, for better performance, it is frugal to install these customization options and apps.

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